Video Marketing Strategies: 5 Hot Strategies For Cool Results!

It is becoming very clear that video sharing is the future of the Internet and is here to stay. It’s amazing to imagine that your video can be seen all over the planet. It is already so powerful, but, we are just standing at the brink. There is still a tremendous amount more that can and will be done with video. We have not even begun to see all that will be possible.

The important thing to know is that you will seldom receive the power that video marketing offers unless you apply the proper video marketing strategies to your video sharing. I will go over a few of these crucial video marketing strategies with you in this article. If you aren’t already doing so, I encourage you to take full advantage of video marketing. And, I encourage you to do so, along with taking these video marketing strategies into consideration.

1.) Video Marketing Strategies, Strategy One: Master Your Video Editing

If you want your videos to stand out then make sure you’re editing them the right way, by adding text, special effects, sound, etc. Editing is a big part of the whole video creation process, which contributes to your overall success on video sharing websites. You can learn from watching other videos, and there are also courses you can take that will show you some creative things. After all, if your video isn’t making a good impression, it won’t matter how many views it gets. So, if you will be making your own videos, be sure to keep practicing so you get more familiar with the process.

2.) Video Marketing Strategies, Strategy Two: Use Video Sharing Platforms

Videos are transforming into a vital component of the Internet, and a consistent way to dispense information over the Internet. A few years ago, sharing videos on the web wasn’t as easy as it is today with the advent of video sharing sites such as YouTube. Being an Internet marketer, you should realize the value of these video sharing platforms that allow you to reach out to your target audience with a simple video.

3.) Video Marketing Strategies, Strategy Three: Use Your Primary Keywords The Correct Way

It is important to know that the video sharing sites will use their own evaluation system for all the videos. So one thing you should do is use your primary keyword in the video file name. There is no reason to name it something other than a useful tag, or keyword. You will simply be optimizing your video for video site and search engine search. And that is one of your most important video marketing strategies.

When video sharing sites start to rank your videos, they look at different elements of your videos to rank them well. This is why you should label your video’s file name effectively and include your keyword in there. This is a very common practice, for those who know about it, and you can help yourself by doing it, as well. Your video filename should be the URL extension for the video, and if it is not then use it in the URL.

4.) Video Marketing Strategies, Strategy Four: Join A Niche Group Or Groups

Video sharing sites like YouTube have targeted groups in almost every little niche; join these groups and become an active member. Contribute to the groups you join and be a part of the community. This way, once you get recognized, you can insert your website’s link in the signature before posting anything. If you’re able to give out valuable content that is targeted towards that particular group, the members will start to trust you and therefore will start to check out your signature link. This works much the same way as forums and discussion boards, except that it’s all about videos.

5.) Video Marketing Strategies, Strategy Five: Continue To Promote Your Videos For Maximum Exposure

Every once in a while it is possible, but the vast majority of times you cannot just load your video and expect traffic to get to it. That is why it is crucial to promote your videos for maximum exposure. This is probably the key of all your video marketing strategies. Sharing sites are good, but it is smart to do more promoting, rather than merely relying on views from the sharing sites. And, you should also do all you can to market your videos via social networking sites.

Leveraging social media can help your videos reach out to your target audience through different channels. Your aim should be to get your video in front of as many prospects as possible. Your overall conversions will increase as you gain more viewers that hopefully convert to website visitors. And, the best part about video marketing on these sites is that once your video becomes popular in your niche, it will keep spreading, getting more and more people to watch, which is exactly what you’re looking for.

In conclusion, from the above article and video marketing strategies, you can clearly see that video marketing can bring in massive traffic to your website or blog if used effectively. You have this new-fangled opportunity, applying these hot strategies, to leverage video content to get visitors interested in your site, make a high number of sales, gather more prospects and increase your web-based business. And, that’s cool!

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Several Freelancing And Self-employment Opportunities That Are Wide Open

One of the questions I have been asked a lot is what real money making opportunities exist online for someone willing to work hard for honest pay? So, I’ve spent the past few days talking with some peers who all earn honest livings from their homes to compile this list of opportunities that we all agree are relatively easy to launch and also have high potentials in the current market.Keep in mind that when I say easy to launch I don’t mean any monkey can do it. Each of these requires some minimal skill sets, a willingness to hustle and like any business, a commitment to providing services of value if you want to succeed. What I mean by easy to start is that they require little or no initial financial investment, and little to no special equipment or hardware to get up and running. Basically, opportunities that you can begin from your home quickly.1) ProgrammingThis is a field that continues to grow. There are many out there who’ll say that it’s saturated, but my friends and I agree that for anyone who can hustle freelancing jobs and stays current with the trends and needs of potential clients as the web and software needs evolve there is huge rewards available.Obviously, this requires programming knowledge. The best programmers often tend to master a single programming language and style/type of development.One risk with this field that a lot of new or young programmers fail to recognize is low end market places. Avoid bidding for jobs in these large flea-market environments at all costs. You’ll waste tons of time competing on price points, and ultimately under-value yourself. There are better options, with more realistic pay scales out there, you just have to invest the time in finding them.Another idea that’s worked well for quite a few programmers, is to develop software (either for the web or for PC based application) as Open Source that has a mass appeal and need in the market, and then provide support services and add-on modules or programs for pay.It’s a myth that Open Source means completely free. If you create a good program, you can provide the core of it as Open Source and build a viable commercial business around supporting it.2) Data ConversionHere’s an area that seems to be opening up by the day online. Old web sites which often began using plain text, flat-file databasing are everywhere. Many who own and run them have begun to realize the benefits in converting their outdated databases into MySQL or other platforms, however lack the knowledge or time to do it themselves.For aggressive go-getters with the ability to perform such conversions there is a wealth of business available right now, and it only looks to increase for the near future.If you’re also a talented programmer, you can combine this service with assisting clients in updating their web pages to utilize the newer database model as well for additional revenue. Plus, being able to provide the “full service” to potential clients will likely land you more jobs.3) Blog Transcription ServiceHere’s a neat idea that came up in our conversations this week and still has me thinking I’d love to use a service like this myself.There are a zillion (give or take) bloggers online now, and many of them do it for fun. However, many use their blogs for professional reasons and view it as a work chore that pulls them from other duties rather than an exciting way to spend time each day.For these people, a service that allowed them to phone in their daily postings, which would then be typed out and sent by email to the accepting address of their blog for email-posting (which most blog software provides for) while they are on the go or between meetings could be very popular.With the low-costs of setting up a toll-free phone number, and many of these services offer free voice-mail with the number as well, you could easily charge on a per post, weekly or monthly basis and make a nice income transcribing client’s voice messages into blog postings for them.I’m not advocating on behalf of any specific service, but some like Kall8 offer toll-free numbers with voice mail for under $5 per month (at the time of this writing). When someone calls and leaves a message, it gets sent to you by email as an audio file, making it perfect for use in this kind of service. As I said, I’m not endorsing Kall8, there are others who offer the same type of service, I only named them as an example of how little the overhead could be to start something like this.4) Web DevelopmentWhile this one may seem obvious and saturated, where my friends and I agreed that there is still a large market available is in assisting small and medium size businesses in your area to expand their brick-n-mortar operations online.Depending on the business, this can be anything from a single page site that explains the business and provides contact information to full-scale ecommerce applications.The opportunities for someone doing this are everywhere. One example that came up was from my friend Mike who recently had car trouble. He was stuck on the shoulder of a busy highway and couldn’t get cell service when a tow-truck passing by pulled over to offer him assistance.The guy offered to tow him free to a gas station at the next exit, or for a fee to anywhere else. My friend paid to have his car towed home, and during the ride discussed business with the driver.By the time they got to Mike’s house, Mike had convinced the guy to have a single page web site created, that was optimized for his coverage area. Mike charged the driver $85 to create the optimized page, and a $25 monthly fee to host and maintain it for him. This service includes submitting it to the search engines and various directories, and updating those submissions on a regular basis.This was several months ago, but Mike says the last time he spoke with the driver he was getting at least 1 additional job call per day thanks to that single page web site, so I’m sure he’s happy to have pulled over that day to help Mike out.In any given area, there are hundreds, or even thousands of small and medium size businesses which aren’t online. If you have the technical skills to build a web site, and the marketing skills to go find these opportunities in your area this is a viable business to begin….I hope some of this helps you. One common element that all of these opportunities has is that they require a desire to work and a commitment to providing a valuable service to your clients.None of these are “get rich quick” ideas. I don’t believe in those and will never endorse them on my site. I believe in an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work, and so should you if you intend to build a business of your own.

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Happiness With Health and Fitness

As personal trainers we help people who are wanting to improve something about themselves – their lifestyle, energy, body and function. Why people need our help varies – some want to optimise their time and results – others really need emotional and social support, some want to be kept accountable whilst others need to be re-educated about many aspects of their lifestyle. What is common in all of us is that we want to move away from what makes us unhappy and towards what makes us happy. Better health and fitness is a great place to start but let’s go deeper.Let’s face it – if you don’t value your own health and fitness – you don’t value your own life. It is only through great health and fitness that one can really make the most of their time, body, mind, energy and life. So it makes sense that people who have moved away from valuing their health and fitness (or any other value) develop an unhappiness around this issue. Unhappiness springs from misguided living or not living in alignment with what one truly values. So if you say you value your health but you are 20 kilograms overweight – you probably aren’t completely happy. The very sad thing is many people NEVER do anything to change their unhappy state. Sex, drugs and sausage rolls (including chocolate, alcohol and many forms of “entertainment”) are just momentary pleasures/distractions and once gone leave people with the same feelings they had before or worse. Allot of people will go around being unhappy and will go on forever being unhappy – living life as it is handed to them – accepting the things they aren’t happy with – and perhaps most importantly of all not deciding what it is that makes them happy!And here is the turning point! You cannot be happy – until you grab hold of some values that make you happy (like better health and fitness) and start acting in a manner that draws those values into your life! Decide what makes you happy! Find it! Then start living by what it is that you’ve decided is an important value in your life.Before you can be happy in your community, job and public life (work, friends etc), you need to develop happiness within your private life (family, partner etc) and before you can be happy in either of these you need to be happy within yourself – this takes knowing who are and what you stand for and living in alignment with those values. Some people find their values from friends, family and religion and as long as the values they have found make them happy that is great – but they still need to live in accordance with these values. However if you have not consciously chosen your values be very very aware that you have probably had some handed to you by friends, family, religion, media etc. and they may not be guiding you towards what YOU want in YOUR life. Before you can be best for others – be best for yourself! Love yourself then others then your community – in that order. Greater health and fitness is a great place to start!Decide on your values – plan your lifestyle around those values – establish rhythms of exercise, eating, thinking and rest that makes you feel happy about who you are and what you give and enjoy the happiness that will be found by living in alignment with your values and greater health and fitness.”An idle mind is the devil’s playground” RF

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